National Executive Sr. and Jr. UOL Boards Meet in Carnegie, PA!
National Executive Sr. and Jr. UOL Boards Meet in Carnegie, PA!


National Executive Sr. and Jr. UOL Boards Hold Meetings in Carnegie, PA!

On Saturday, 21 of January, 2012 – following the great and holy feast of Theophany of our Lord, the Senior and Junior National Executive Board of the Ukrainian Orthodox League of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA gathered at Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Carnegie, PA for their quarterly meeting.

The day began with a Moleben served by Very Rev. Fr. Steven Repa, a pastor of Sts Peter and Paul parish family and a spiritual father to the Senior and Junior UOL Chapters of the parish community. Following the service, His Grace Bishop, a Ruling Hierarch of the Western Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and a spiritual father to the Senior National Executive UOL Board addressed the members of the Senior and Junior UOL Boards, stating that “…there is a sacramental aspect to our meeting together as an organization of our Holy church, to come together to discern the will of God for the direction of our particular ministry. We have to prepare for these meetings like we prepare for Holy Communion — which we celebrate every day — with prayer and fasting, putting aside all passions, all judgment and resentment, all criticism of others and anger in our hearts. Otherwise, how can we participate in the Holy Mysteries, and approach one another with the kiss of peace, how can we listen to God? This is the task set before us: to hear the voice of God, strive to comprehend His will, and to do it…”

After breakfast, which was prepared by Dr. Steven Sivulich and an opening prayer, the Junior and Senior Boards began their deliberations. The highlight of the meeting was a surprise visit to the working sessions of the UOL National Executive Boards of His Beatitude Metropolitan Constantine, who spend the entire afternoon with the board members providing guidance to them, as they plan activities and outreach ministries for the 2012-2013 year of our Lord. The Metropolitan addressed the gathering with a reflection on a miracle of Christ’s presence in our lives and wished the blessing of our Lord upon the meetings of the Ukrainian Orthodox League, which ministry makes positive effect on the parishes of the Church. 

As in the past, one of the most important initiatives the UOL is currently tackling is membership, as we are consistently trying to foster the creation of new chapters within parishes around the diocese.  We have focused our efforts on an personal level, asking members of the UOC of the USA if they are part of the Bigger Picture: Membership in the UOL is vital if individuals are committed to ensuring our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church continues to exist in these trying times.

On Sunday after Theophany – 22 January 2012, His Grace Bishop Daniel presided over the Archpastoral Divine Liturgy at Sts Peter and Paul parish, calling upon the faithful to acknowledge our dependency on our Savior, and our gratitude to Him. No prayer, no service, no Liturgy begins without first glorifying God. The priest begins each Divine Liturgy with “Blessed is our God always, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen! Glory to You, our God; glory to You!” In this same manner we should begin our own private prayers. First glorifying God, thanking Him, and only then petitioning Him and asking for His assistance. Bishop Daniel reminded us that God hears all our prayers, and while we may think He does not answer or doubt that He is listening, the truth is that we may not be in true “need” of what we ask, or we simply may not be ready to receive it… As Bishop Daniel descended from the ambo to stand amongst his flock, His Grace reminded everyone of the importance of honesty and ownership of our lives and deeds. We are too quick to pass the blame, or to lie in order to get out of an uncomfortable situation. He reiterated the importance of truth and honesty, not only to those around us, but, to ourselves. We need to prioritize our lives, making sure we put God first, and all else second… Our final destination is with God, and therefore, our life’s goals need to reflect this desire and help steer us towards Him.

Upon the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy the congregation made its way to the church hall for a luncheon hosted by the parish family in honor of His Grace Bishop Daniel and the board members of the national executive Sr. and Jr. Boards of the Ukrainian Orthodox League.

Both the Junior and Senior Executive Boards would like to express their gratitude to Very Rev. Fr. Steven Repa, the Senior and Junior UOL chapters of Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox parish and the parishioners of Carnegie, PA for their wonderful hospitality and the delicious meals!

If you are interested in creating a chapter in your local parish or joining the League as a Member-At-Large, please visit our Membership section on our website: or emailing

National Executive Sr. and Jr. UOL Boards Meets in Carnegie, PA!

National Executive Sr. and Jr. UOL Boards Meets in Carnegie, PA! - 01/22/2012

National Executive Sr. and Jr. UOL Boards Meets in Carnegie, PA!

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