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Christina's True Heroes


Author: Maria C. Khoury; Antonia Marshall, illustrator.

Christina's True Heroes features colorful Byzantine icons to help children learn more about the diverse lives of seven women saints. Along with our heroes in the world, it's important to know the champions of the One True Faith.

These genuine role models inspire children to have faith in God and feel closer to the saints. Knowing many examples of people who place God first in their lives can give children the courage to meet different challenges in life.

Hardcover. 24 pages.
Age: 3 - 8.
Was $15 Now $12

Dyvosavana - Дивосавана.

Дивосавана. Розмальовка для спокою та натхнення!

Dyvosavana. Coloring for peace and inspiration!


Discover the wonderful world of nature that fascinates and inspires to create a true masterpiece. Bring the colors of birds and animals: lion, elephant, zebra, antelope, kangaroo, pavu, ostrich, crocodile. This book will help you explore a world of nature! In addition, you can add your own artwork or designs dorisovat animals.
Turn this coloring something unique and personal! Immerse yourself in the exotic savannahs using only pencils and imagination!

Size: 10" x 10"

Great coloring with numbers

Велика розмальовка з цифрами

Great coloring with numbers


Now drawing - can be a real family affair. This coloring book will provide you and, most importantly, your kids a few hours of happiness. So grab fastyour color pens or pencils and get down to work!

Hardcover: 80 pages

Publisher: Видавництво Старого Лева (2015)

Language: Ukrainian

Size: 10" x 8.75"


Lion Children's Bible in Ukrainian for Teenagers


Lion Children's Bible in Ukrainian for Teenagers
Лайн-Лев, Біблія для підлітків.
by Murray Watts (Author), Helen Cann (Illustrator)
Hardcover 352 pages full color pages book
Size: 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches
ISBN-13: 978-9662275254






Mwangi: A Young African Boy's Journey of Faith


by Renee Ritsi, illustrated by Cameron Thorp.

In a faraway country in Africa, Mwangi lives in a small village where he helps his mother with their family. He yearns to go to school, where the world will open up for him. One day an Orthodox priest arrives in Mwangi's village, and everything changes . . . As an overseas missionary with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center for many years, Presbytera Renee Ritsi tells this heartwarming story from the standpoint of her extensive knowledge of both African culture and Orthodox mission work. Mwangi tells a story of the hope  Orthodoxy offers to people who have never heard the Gospel message.

Hardcover, 32 full color pages.

Size: 9" x 11"

Patterns and prints - Візерунки й принти


Серія «Антистрес-альбом» — це чотири захоплюючі розмальовки для дорослих. Вони стануть чудовою розвагою для тих, хто зовсім не вміє малювати, але дуже хоче провести вечори у творчій атмосфері та втілити на папері найсміливіші фантазії. Техніку малюнка-антистресу ще називають зентангл. Ці візерунки вже давно користуються популярністю в усьому світі завдяки своїй простоті й широкому полю для креативу. Вам необхідно тільки взяти кольоровий олівець чи ручку й поринути у світ химерних зображень. Неймовірні візерунки та принти, дивовижні квіти, тварини й мандали допоможуть зняти стрес і відпочити після робочого дня. Малюйте з натхненням!

  • Серія: Антістрес-альбом
  • Мова видання: Українська
  • Палітурка: М'яка
  • Кількість сторінок: 64
  • Рік видання: 2016
  • EAN: 9786176904281
  • Розміри (ДхШхВ): 204x204x10

The boy, a kitchen, and his cave


Author Catherine K. Contopoulos, illustrated by Chrissanth Greene-Gross

A clumsy scullery boy finds solace in a place known only to him and his God in this charming story of the ninth-century saint, Euphrosynos, commonly known in Orthodox tradition as The Cook. Author Catherine K. Contopoulos easily links the feelings of contemporary children with the feelings of this legendary character a self-conscious, awkward boy who leaves his loving family and the taunts of his neighbors to find a niche in the kitchen of a monastic community. Readers will hurt when neighbors make fun of a confused Euphrosynos at the local cheese shop, laugh and then tremble when an austere monk slips upon Euphrosynos newly mopped floor, and find an oasis of peace as Euphrosynos prays in his solitary cave. They also will learn lessons of perseverance, humility, and dependence upon God as they are naturally drawn into the story. Contopoulos achieves these goals with language that a child will understand.

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Age recomended: 13 - 18

Size: 11" x 9"

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