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"The Kozak spirit will never perish" Mykhajlo Krat


"The Kozak spirit will never perish" - Mykhajlo Krat, compiled and edited by Nina Krat Cherniak and Hanja Cherniak. 

"Козацькому роду нема переводу" - Михайло Крат

Bethesda, Maryland 2010


A History of Ukraine


by Michael Hrushevsky

A History of Ukrainian Literature


by Dmytro Cyzevskyj

Ukrainian Academic Press

year 1975

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Christmas Carols



A Colection of Christmas Carols in pocket size version.

112 pages in Ukrainian Language

Size: 5.5" x 4"





Icons from the Saint Michael Basilica in Genk, Belgium.

Language: Ukrainian and Belgian

96 full color pages.


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Історичний шлях УАПЦ


Історичний шлях УАПЦ - Олександер Воронин

Укр. православне т-во св. Андрія Первозванного. - Кенсінґтон : Воскресіння, 1992. - 136 с. - 3000 экз.


The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church throughout History by Alexander Voronin.

Published in 1992.

Softcover 136 pages booklet in Ukrainian language.


Ангел Хоронитель


Коротенькі повчання для дітей.

94 сторінки

Short teachings for children

Hardcover, 94 pages book.


З Української Старовини



Нарис історії Української Православної Церкви


Іван Власовський

Частини І - ІV

Святий Павло – Апостол Народів


Святий Павло – Апостол Народів

о. Микола Федорович

Історичний Нарис, 1974


Saint Paul  - Apostle of the Nations,

Rev. Nicholas Fedorovich

An Historical Essay, 1974

Softcover 108 pages booklet in Ukrainian language.


Софія Київська


упорядник Григорій Логвин

УПЦ Вічне Джерело Життя


протопресвітер Демид Бурко

Як поводитися в Божому храмі


Як поводитися в Божому храмі, Митрополит Іларіон


How to behave in the temple of God, Metropolitan Hilarion

Softcover, 72 pages Ukrainian language booklet.


Encyclopedia of Ukraine


by Volodymyr Kubijovyc and Danylo Husar Struk

Volumes: I-V

map and Gazetteer

Excellent condition

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Encyclopedia of Ukraine


By Volodymyr Kobijovyc

Volume I  (A-F)

Excellent condition

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Here Comes the Wonderful Star


Іде звізда чудна - Колядник з нотами. Колядки. Пісні на Новий Рік. Щедрівки. Йорданські пісні. Віншівки.
Упорядник: Наталія Манько.
Here Comes the Wonderful Star. Ukrainian Christmas Carols with notes. Songs for New Year, Theophany and Christmas Greetings.
Compiled by: Natalia Manko.
Hardcover: 464 pages music with notes.
Size: 5 3/4" x 4"


Hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazeppa


by Clarence A. Manning

Mortyrology of the Ukrainian Churches - Мартирологія Українських Церков


Compiled and Edited by Osyp Zinkewych and Rev. Taras R. Lonchyna

Volumes I & II

My Meetings and Discussions in Israel


by Petro Mirchuk

Outline History of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church


by Ivan Wlasowsky

Volume II

192 pages

Taras Shevchenko Selected Poetry


Kyiv "Dnipro" Publishing

in both languages

The World of Mykola Lysenko
by Dr. Tamara Bulat and Dr. Taras Filenko


Ethnic Identity, Music, and Politics in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Ukraine.

The World of Mykola Lysenko follows the development of Ukrainian musical culture in the second part of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Questions of ethnic identity, music, and politics are discussed in the context of the Ukrainian cultural milieu. The authors profile the founder of the Ukrainian national school of music, Mykola Lysenko, composer, music folklorist, pianist, pedagogue and prominent public figure. A recognized leader among Eastern European ethnomusicologists and composers, Lysenko derived his creative inspiration from songs of his native land and was an ardent promoter of Ukrainian folk music.
Unique photos of public and cultural figures, composers, writers, artists, historians, and ethnographers are featured. Extensive materials reconstruct a broad panorama of the civic and cultural life of Ukraine at the turn of the 20th century. Much of the material presented is published for the very first time.
The book is intended for the general public, as well as for scholars and students interested in Eastern European, Ukrainian, and Russian studies.

Ukraine Millennium Foundation, Canada, 2001.


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Ukraine - A Concise Encyclopedia


by Volodymyr Kubijovyc

Volumes I & II

Ukraine Remembers, the World Acknowledges

Ukraine Remembers, the World Acknowledges

Memorial Book on the ocasion of the unveiling of the Holodomor Memorial


Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 inches

Page Length: 152 pages


Ukrainian Embroidery Book


by Ann Kmit, Johanna Luciow, Loretta Luciow

The history and traditional uses of Ukrainian embroidery is followed by many color photographs of embroideries from across Ukraine. Next, you are taken through materials, tools and techniques. Openwork, flat stitching, weaving stiches, cross-stich, and non-counted designs are covered as well as contemporary uses of embroidery. You are also shown how to make an embroidered blouse of your own, from cutting your cloth to making the thread cord that ties at your neck.

Size: 9" x 8", 112 pages


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What should we put in the Easter basket


Що кладемо до великоднього кошика

A 34 page booklet explaining "What should we put in the Easter basket" together with the purpose of each item.

Text is in Ukrainian language.

Size: 6 1/2" x 4 3/4"


 Was $5 Now $4


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